At the beginning of the day luminescent dawn
folding into new blu day they all come to us.
Never mind what they did or didn’t do
the night and day before. Clouds were shining like
dancers in paint. They come to our world
on the rooftop of our ghetto built back in ’81.
Who told they could fly ban the noise of the city
by roving through skies. Who knows how
their colors forgotten all around survive among us.

Rama G. Gurunu
Inspired by our collective childhood we imagined hidden planets lived by young beauties. We discovered an illegal toxic mine just next to our home e thus we started going there day by day thinking of parellal worlds that exist but we don’t usually notice. The main characters of this unexpected exploration were Wenba mask, Prisma ladies, Blue Samana and Silver Moon. We realised apparel like jackets and jumpers to play on what we see in those altereted landscape. For us it wasn’t just a mine, from being  initially a Moon field, it became rubber trampoline to finally jump on a Vulcano.

Valentina Pentesilea 

City After The City
On the occasion of the XXI Triennale di Milano International Exposition, Milan houses the exhibition named City after the City. If we admit that cities are no longer able to self-certify traditions and roots, then we can say we are facing a divisive event of great impact, which above all testifies to the opaque nature of today’s urban model. City after the City examines the symptoms of a global trend towards going beyond the conventional city. In collaboration with the curators Pier Luigi NIcolin, Nina Bassoli and Bruce Mau Design we research and designed Street Art Pavillion. Street art is widespread in many cities, bringing renewed attention to social and visual communication in city thoroughfares. Between public and private, individual and society, architecture and the environment, permitted and prohibited, street art concerns both the emotive sphere of the individual and the conventions of the public space.